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What is solar energy system ?

China Shenzhen PAC Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen PAC Technology Co., Ltd. certification
About Powerwall battery: I have received the batteries and inverters. They are easy to installed and working well. Thanks for getting our logo on the batteries, they look sexy.

—— Conor L.

About portable power station: Went camping with this brilliant piece of Kit, kept the Engle going all the weekend...fantastic unit..well done!!!!!

—— Huw T.

I was given early access to the 300 and I must say I am very impressed with its capabilities. I have been using it to run my fridge and also to charge my power tools battery packs. The T500 is a seriously good bit of kit gear. It ran my fridge non stop for a whole weekend while being replenished by my trusty 280watt itech solar blanket.

—— Rob H.

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What is solar energy system ?
Latest company news about What is solar energy system ?

What is solar energy system ?

Solar power systems use photovoltaic technology to capture the sun’s rays. The energy stored in photons from the sun is then converted into electrical current. Because solar panels do not require direct sunlight to produce energy, they are still effective in overcast weather. Solar power can be used immediately or exported to a power grid.
A solar panel system contains two major components: a set of solar panels, usually installed on a roof, and an inverter. Inside the panels are two layers of silicon with opposite electrical charges. When the sun’s rays hit a panel, electrons move from one layer to another, creating an electrical current. The inverter converts this current into usable 240V AC electricity.

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